“Me Aside” is a project that I created with my brother, Jon Dee, to raise awareness and increase the public's understanding of mental and spiritual healing through the power of music. With our combined musical talents and with the help of other talented musicians, we have brought forth a contemporary faith-based musical experience from a catholic perspective.

At the age of 19 my brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Struggling with darkness he had had numerous hospitalizations in and out of psychiatric wards. Eventually, he found the power of his faith and, through his music, turned his darkness into light. Currently, with the help of medication, my brother has continued to live a mentally and spiritually healthy life. He has been blessed with genius talent, a loving family, and friends in Christ. He has turned his gratitude to God, through the beauty and creativity of his healing music.

Four years ago, Jon Dee invited me to co-write songs with him. During that process, I became inspired to bring his music and his message to the world. I became convinced that if we were able to share this music with others—particularly youth—it would  give them hope when in despair and take them on an inspiring, spiritual and healing journey towards God and in hopes that one day they will pick up an instrument and find healing powers in their own talents.

Throughout the recording process, we were blessed to have some of the most remarkable and gifted musicians lend their talents to the project. They joined us in our efforts to create music that will help others move through their healing processes, whether toward mental, spiritual or emotional wellness. We could not have completed this project without their unending guidance, support and talents.

The "Me Aside" project, we believe, is inspired by God’s word, which is always moving through us and which will compel us to continue to put “Me Aside”.

In the near future, we plan to release a documentary as a testimony to the "Me Aside" project and in the meantime please download our music on itunes or amazon music.

Bountiful blessings!
K.C. and Jon Dee


Morning Prayer

The Lord is rich in kindness: let us give thanks and praise!

Our Daily Meditation:

"My Words will no pass away"

Jesus speaks to each one of us the "words of eternal life"; in our time and for our time, today for today. The words of Christ do not pass away but they are addressed to us in our particular human state which does not pass. The call of Christ remains the same for all the Christians of the world and for all times. But each is challenged by this call precisely where he is, on the day that he is existing, and in the life and skin that is his. The commands of the Lord cannot change. They require of each human being a new heart. But this heart can only beat in our old heart, and only in our own concrete personal history and only at that particular hour which we have reached in the course of our evolution as a human being. Faith does not have a life of its own outside the individual human situations and events with all their constant change and mobility. Agape-love which does no pass away works in the world through acts that are as transient as the world itself and which are intrinsically linked to its evolution. In the face of Jesus' call there is no such thing as "the" correct response, the stock response. There is for each person, each day, "a" correct response. Servant of God Madeleine Delbrel

Servent of God Madeleine Delbrel (†1964) was a French laywoman, writer and mystic devoted to caring for the poor and to evangelizing culture

Evening Prayer

God is merciful and forgiving;  let us give thanks and praise! Amen!













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